Bigfoot Discovery Project: Origin

History Timeline featuring South Felton (SoFel)

13,000 y.a. Bigfoot cross the landbridge from Asia to Northwest Territories
10,000 y.a. Humans cross the landbridge and spread along the "ice-free corridor"
1769 Portola Party names the San Lorenzo River (October 17)
1791 Mission site chosen in Santa Cruz; Costanoan Indians there included Ohlone, Aptos, Soquel and Zayante
1841 Isaac Graham purchases Rancho Zayante and establishes the first power sawmill in "Alta California"
1843 Mexican land grant to Pierre Sansevain: Rancho Canada del Rincon
1846 General John C. Fremont comes to the Redwood Grove Feb 26th on mapping expedition; rumor that he slept in a redwood tree starts
1854 Mountain Charley fights a Grizzly Bear (May 10th)
1856 James Frazee Reed (the first Mason in the West & part of the Donner Party) purchases mining rights to Gold Gulch Creek and vicinity for 3 years
1861 California Powder Mill incorporated (where Paradise Park is today)
1867 Judge Edward Stanley of S.F. sold 350 acres that included the Fremont Tree grove of redwoods to Joseph Warren Welsh (he purchased the grove largely because of the fame of the Fremont tree) The land he purchased was taken on a defaulted mortgage from Isaac Graham
1868 Stanley laid out the town of Felton, centered on Baldwin Street (now Hwy 9) on the west side of the San Lorenzo River, named after Charles Felton (Stanley's lawyer who later became a state senator)
1870 SLV's first steam mill built by Page, Donnell & Lee, near Gold Gulch (to mill the gold boulder found there?)
A buggy road is constructed from Felton to Santa Cruz as a toll road, and the Toll House was built in South Felton
1872 Felton & Santa Cruz County Road becomes a free public road
1876 Lumber flume built between Boulder Creek (at Waterman Gap) to Felton (14 miles long, in some places as much as 60 ft above the ground)
1880 Big Trees RR Station built along with a saloon, boarding house and store at Welch's Big Trees Grove (by the Spring the Southern Pacific line from Alameda joined the pioneer Santa Cruz & Felton line just south of the Big Tree Grove at Felton. It became known as the 'Picnic Line')
1882 F.H. Gassaway, writing as "Derrick Dogg" in the San Francisco Post mentions a "Wild man of the Woods" frightening Felton campers during the 1870's
1883 Felton & Pescadero RR built, a subsidiary of the Santa Cruz Felton line (Felton to Boulder Creek utilizing the flume right-of-way.)
1884 Joseph Ball leased the resort at Welch's and built three more buildings and a dance pavilion
Felton incorporated for a short time
1885 Last Grizzly Bear known to exist in the Santa Cruz Mtns killed in Bonnie Doon by Orrin Blodgett
South Pacific Coast RR and the Felton & Pescsadero stretch from Santa Cruz to Boulder Creek
1888 State Miner alogist Annual Report mentions a 16 cu ft quartz boulder (yielded $33,000 worth of gold) that was found a number of years prior to the report
1890 San Lorenzo River floods
1893 Felton Church built (now a library)
Teddy Roosevelt's "The Wilderness Hunter" relates a trapper's "goblin tail" that researchers believe recounts an encounter with an angry bigfoot
1895 Milo Hopkins operates Big Trees Lodge near the Toll House on property owned by Henry Cowell (there were two 'Big Trees' groves at this time: Welch's Grove and Hopkins' Grove or Cowell's Big Tree Grove)
1903 President Teddy Roosevelt visits Cowell Big Trees during his "Conservation Tour" of the West changing policy from exploitation to preservation
1905 Kenneth W Rugg is born in Oregon; Margaret M Rugg is born in Ohio
1906 Mt Hermon founded (on the 'Arcadia'property and some property owned by Thomas Bell; 'Arcadia' had the Tuxedo Inn at Bean Creek at Zayante Creek, which became the Zayante Inn.
1907 Thomas Bell records the 'Tanglewood' tract in SoFel
1930 Santa Cruz County buys 120 acres from JW Welsh (son of Joseph Welch) and renames the Grove 'County Big Trees Park.'
1940 Picnic Line (aka 'Sunshine Special') closes after flood of ë39 -'40
1942 Cowell Big Trees (Hopkins' Grove) closes due to WWII
1945 Santa Cruz Lumber opens in Felton
1950 Sam Cowell gives 1623 acres to the state of California and the Santa Cruz Felton RR stops running to the coast
1951 South Felton branch of the RR closes down to give way to roads and diesel logging trucks
British mountaineers find footprint of the Yeti on Everest; Western press labels the animal the "Abominable Snowman"
1952 KW Rugg trades bungalo court in San Leandro for cabin in Felton near Welch's Grove
Michael Rugg begins collecting articles on unknown hairy bipeds
1954 Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park dedicated (combining the Welch property with the Cowell property to form one big state park)
1958 Humbolt Times prints Jerry Crew's photo holding cast of footprint belonging to "Bigfoot"
1961 KW Rugg buys property at the entrance to Tanglewood, and opens Precut Engineering Service Corp (sold cabin kits)
1963 KW Rugg dies; Howard Rugg takes over the operation of his woodshop
1964 Howard Rugg opens House of Howard, an antique and junk store
1967 Michael Rugg writes term paper at Stanford on unidentified hairy bipeds; plans expedition to hunt bigfoot in Bluff Creek (March)
Patterson and Gimlin film bigfoot at Bluff Creek (October)
1968 Michael Rugg opens art gallery in the House of Howard building, formerly Bea & Frank's Snack Bar
1969 Howard Rugg and Michael Rugg form CapriTaurus
1980 Last known sighting of a bigfoot in the Santa Cruz Mountains on Granite Creek Rd near Scotts Valley
2003 Michael Rugg and Paula Yarr launch the Bigfoot Discovery Project to encourage the nonexploitation and preservation of bigfoot