June 24 & 25, 1989
International Society of Cryptozoology 8th Annual Membership Meeting

A Symposium entitled "Sasquatch Evidence: Scientific and Social Implications"

Hosted by Department of Anthropology, Washington State University,
Pullman, WA USA

Grover Krantz, Chairman
September 12-14, 2003
Bigfoot Symposium

presented by the Willow Creek China Flat Museum, Willow Creek, California

John Green, Keynote Speaker
Bob Gimlin, honored special guest
Photo captions:
John Green

Richard Greenwell

Grover Krantz

Danny Perez

Roy Mackal

Rene Dahinden

Bob Titmus

Panel: Greenwell, Tyler, Sauter, Markotic, Green, Kinnie

Terry Cullen

Paul Freeman

Al Hodgson

Chris Murphy, Mike Rugg, Will Duncan, Chester Moore

The view on the way to the P/G film site at Bluff Creek

Dmitri Bayanov and John

Paula Yarr and Michael Rugg

Bob points to BFRO laptop computer as they try to decide the exact location of the Patterson/Gimlin film

Doug Hajicek, BFRO with Bob G.

Bob Gimlin and Autumn Williams

Symposium speakers:(Standing) Fahrenbach, Moscowitz, Schillinger, Chilcutt, Noll, Gimlin, Green, Higgins, Steenburg, Hodgson; (Seated) Meldrum, McClarin, Bindernagel, Bayanov