Bigfoot Museum crisis


Dear Friends of the Bigfoot DIscovery Museum and fellow seekers of truth,

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

First, the good news- Last year was our best ever in many respects, and especially in terms of revenue stream. Thanks to the many of you who have visited our museum, and a few others as far away as Germany, donations to the museum enabled us to function at a subsistence level for over half the year (we doubled our retail sales as a result). What’s more when we came up against the threat of losing the museum property via a tax auction, fellow bigfooters from all around stepped up and we met the deadline with time to spare.

On the bigfoot research front, we had a number of sighting reports locally, most of which took place in the same general area. Responding to these reports we have collected evidence in the form of sleeping nests, scat, and some tracks that we have cast.This has given us a strong case for an ongoing presence less than 5 miles from the museum. We have picked up several new acctive members this yaer who are becoming great assets to the project.

This year we also received-as a gift-a 16 mm film reel featuring Roger Patterson which has been out of circulation for over 40 years. In October we hosted Bigfoot DIscovery Day V, featuring Bill Munns, Jeff Meldrum, Bart Cutino and the Patterson reel. In November Ralph Jack and I travelled to Yakima WA and had a very successful meeting with Mrs Patterson. She was extremely grateful to us for returning the missing reel, and was interested in our plan to produce a DVD featuring the newly recovered reel plus the second reel, along with DIscovery Day V’s presentations. Our idea was to package all this along with statements from Mrs Patterson and Bob Gimlin to refute the lies being promulgated debunking Roger’s film of the Sasquatch. We had planned to have these DVDs up for sale to help get us through the toughest months of the year (January, February. March.)

Now for the bad news- We are once again up against a financial crisis that could mean the end of the Bigfoot Project and Museum. Primarily because the DVD project did not happen we have fallen behind on paying some important bills which may result in shuting down operations entirely. (The website has already been shutdown, but thanks to the generosity of a local member a new one has already been started.) The P/G Film project broke down because of some misunderstandings which could have probably been reconciled, had a former friend and confidant not interferred by disgruntledly spreading some untruths and negative rumors about Ralph and myself. That action effectively sabotaged the whole deal. Its a shame, because the DVD would have produced revenue for Mrs Patterson and Bob Gimlin, in addition to The Bigfoot Discovery Museum and the DVD producer and would have been a very strong advocate for the reality of the P/G Film.

Right now we are almost $2000 in arrears (shortfall from last month plus this month’s expected shortage). If we don’t raise at least this amount in the next two weeks, the power will be shutoff, as will the internet connection and the phone. We’ll likely go into default on the mortgage as well. If there ever was a time we desperately needed to raise money it is now.

PayPal to: (also at the top of this post) and thanks for any amount you can afford to give. Please send it our way anyway you can asap.


Michael Rugg
Curator and Proprietor

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  1. Gimlin overload !!It was resnhfeirg not to hear Gimlin’s name for a change, we’re drowning in Gimlin propaganda he was present at all 7 of the conferences in 2010 and undoubtedly will be again this year. They use him and his name for an attendance draw and he’s too frickin’ dumb not to realize it.He’s really nobody, says he never held the camera, that he was just the horse man.’ Why all the adoration?

  2. WE ARE VISITING THE AREA the week after April 25th and would love to visit your museum. What do you charge? Do you have senior or retired military rates?

  3. My dad and his friend used to go pig hunting in the Pinnacles back in the day (1960s), one morning I was with them, we went to let the dogs out and they wouldn’t get out of the truck, they were whimpering and cowering in the back, my dad and his friends loaded the gear back into the truck and one of the Native Americans with us said it was because of bigfoot. The dogs were never scared of anything else. There was a distinctive smell in the air too, musky and rather ripe. Since that day, I new that it wasn’t a myth.

    The NA know about BF. Why all the speculation? People are just now figuring out that other cultures have stories for a reason.

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