Welcome to the new Bigfoot Discovery Museum site!

Welcome to the new site! We have a whole new site that is ready to fill with Bigfoot related stuff!

To get you started in your Bigfoot education, check out some videos from the archives where Mike talks about what he thinks a Sasquatch is!


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    • The thing is that the people who put up the board were the cabin owenrs who thought it probably was a bear.Although i agree that a motionsensitive cam would be logical to out up now, if they actually belive there is such a creature. Put it up for a year, and they would have a fair chance of catching something, instead of ust a week as they did now.If someone really belives in this it seams there are way better ways to try and find proof than what is being employed right now.

  1. 40 some years ago I read about Bigfoot While I was studying Anthropology. Dr. Grover Krantz @ WSU had found footprints if a family that had a crippled foot child. Every year he’d go back in the same area and find them and the child had grown larger.
    Since I’d been born with clubfeet I knew how difficult life could get when crippled especially in the forest so I read more checking out every book in the library. Not much in those days, but every story in those early days seemed to think the story teller could have been drunk. But some seemed to think they were true.
    I wasn’t up for much stomping around in the forest and mountains looking for monsters but remembered some Bible stories Grandma had read me. Deut:2:20 and the first half of the book of Joshua where he goes into the valley of Hebron the second area in his conquest of Caanan and finds the Zumzimmim Who’s King OG had a bed 14 cubits long and 8 cubits wide. A cubit is from elbow to fingertip on most people. Since then my research is in ancient manuscripts and tales from other lands. Also mtDNA mother’s genes is found to be 70 % human. Dr. Melba Ketchum over here @ Olympic Research Lab has a piece of a mother and child some yayhoo killed in a National forest. So it is highly illegal to do. The story would just make you sick, but there it is. Loads of other info that will blow your mind about how we were created by “gods from the sky’ and it all tends to confirm Bible stories of our creation and the Bigfoot. Oh there’s more, a lot more to let you know they are real and seen in many lands and even when females are caught young as in Russia can be tamed and even have ugly kids from mating with us. Several varieties are found as per the excursions shown on the series now being shown on Animal Planet TV. None seem to want to hang out with us but are curious about us and nearly as intelligent. Maybe more so as they do not have our destructive ways.
    My research shows that the Egyptians knew of them as well as the earliest civilized people of the earliest known civilization of Sumer. Immanuel Velakovsky wrote that they were the remnants of Atlantis who became so decadent and corrupt that they degenerated into beasts and had to live in the wilderness after Atlantis blew up and sank into the sea. Which considering the way the world is headed should be considered as a very serious warning. God luck humanity you need it badly.
    I have written and illustrated a joke book about them and working on a second one.

    I figure to cheer the world up before I die. I’m 79 now so it’s not much longer in case humanity doesn’t destroy the planet first.
    . Look in Humans are Free blog for more info first as some is so very unusual you may not believe it except it corroborates the Bible.
    Virginia J

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