Bigfoot Discovery Project: Mixed Bag


Bigfoot once thrived in the Santa Cruz Mountains . . . until the coming of the Europeans, who wiped out the Native Peoples, the Grizzlies and scared away the Bigfoot.

There are a number of sightings that we know about starting over 120 years ago,
the most recent from the summer of 2004.

...more to follow as the construction continues...

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Teddy Roosevelt's Road to Santa Cruz
His 1903 Conservation Odyssey

by Ross Eric Gibson

100 years ago . . .

"President Teddy Roosevelt's 1903 Conservation Tour of the West, was instrumental in developing his Conservation policy. He said the highlights of his trip were "Yellowstone," the "Grand Canyon," "Santa Cruz Big Trees," and "Yosemite."But this was as much an odyssey to meet conservationists as places to preserve, which was as true in Santa Cruz as elsewhere. This is the story of that journey that changed the destiny of the west's wild lands, from exploitation and degradation, to preservation and conservation."

"In 1902 the great hunter refused to kill a bear needlessly, and so the "Teddy Bear" doll was born as a symbol of respect for wildlife. In 1903 he set aside the first of 50 wildlife refuges he would establish, and began designating new National Parks, Forests and areas."


Written and illustrated by Michael Rugg

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The Bigfoot Discovery Book

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