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Bigfoot Discovery Project


Mike Rugg

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Bigfoot Discovery Day V!

Did you miss Bigfoot Discovery Day V?

Watch the video as Mike gives us a great overview of the event.

Saturday October 20, 2012, 11am-4pm at the museum $5.00 (for BBQ lunch)
Patterson Film presentation and panel at Felton Town Hall
$20 each at the gate (members & seniors 18)
$15 advance ticket order (members & seniors 12)
Children under 12 free

To order tickets using PayPal:

Here is a copy of the poll we ask ALL BIGFOOT RESEARCHERS to respond to (especially if they cannot make it to our event):

The Great Big Bigfoot Poll of 2012

Please return results to Bigfoot Discovery Museum, 5497 Highway 9 Felton, CA 95018 before Oct 18
or email to:

Please respond if you consider yourself (or your group) a "Bigfoot Researcher". (Definition: You spend a considerable amount of your time delving into bigfoot either online or in the forest and you have spent a considerable amount of money on this topic ($100s) over the years.)

Name of individual and/or group:___________________________________________

Web site URL:______________________________________________________________

email address:_____________________________________________________________

Phone number:______________________________________________________________

Number of years into the research:_________________________

Do you think the Patterson/Gimlin Film depicts a genuine Sasquatch/Bigfoot?

Yes_________ No_________ On the fence__________

Can you express your opinion as a percentage?___________

Are you aware of the work of Bill Munns on the PG Film analysis? Yes______No_______


Are you aware of the work of MK Davis on the PG Film analysis? Yes______No_______


We would appreciate it if you could make a simple (one paragraph or less) statement of your position on the P/G Film:



Hello fellow searchers of truth,

Mark your calendars for Bigfooot Discovery Day V featuring the lost film of Roger Patterson on the 45th anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin Film, October 20, 2020 in Felton and Santa Cruz. This is an open invitation to all researchers to step forward and help develop a definitive proof of the film. Its especially important that we come together and cannonize this bit of evidence once and for all especially at this time when naysayers and hoaxers are putting out a new hit-piece on Patterson.

Below is a statement by Bill Munns, after he viewed a couple of clips from the film:

"A preliminary analysis of recently acquired film by Mike Rugg and the Bigfoot Discovery Museum is certain to change our analysis of issues related to the known filmed scene of Roger casting a trackway print. This film reel contains a segment showing Roger casting a footprint track, and then displaying the resulting hardened cast, and it is emphatically a different casting effort than the one commonly shown and often argued by the skeptical community as being the Bluff Creek casting. Further analysis is necessary and a proper 4K film frame scan of the footage is needed, but it can be said on no uncertain terms that the skeptical suspicions often cited as discrepancies between the known scene of Roger casting a track, and the scene showing Roger holding two casts by a tree, can no longer be relied upon to support any hoax claims, because the connection between the two film scenes is now disconnected by the proof that Roger was filmed more than once making a cast of a footprint track.

Based on the footage so far made available to me, I cannot yet make a determination if this newly acquired footage was taken at Bluff Creek, but we now must logically consider the following alternatives:

1. The original known scene of Roger casting a track was at Bluff Creek and this new one is not.

2. The new footage is of Roger at Bluff Creek and the old well-known footage was not.

3. Neither of the footage scenes was taken at Bluff Creek and the actual Bluff Creek described casting footage is still unseen and un-analyzed.

But one can no longer simply assume the old footage of Roger must have been taken at Bluff Creek, because it was the only footage known and talk of a demo casting film was dismissed as a rumor. We now know for a certainty that demo casting footage does exist (at least one of the two known versions of footage must be so), and so any analysis trying to identify Roger casting a track with what is described to have occurred at Bluff Creek must now be proven with a far higher degree of compelling proof than anyone has offered to date.

Bill Munns September 4, 2012"

Spread the word--- its time to pay homage to Roger Patterson, and counter attack the smear campaign.




  1. Attract & edutain the public with the facts about mystery primates around the world
  2. Generate revenue to cover expenses, pay staff, fund ongoing projects & programs
  3. Establish Research Center for Discovery Science & Scientific Exploration
  4. Teach children about reverence for wildlife and conservation of wilderness via cryptozoology
  5. Seek proof of the existence of Bigfoot via investigatory field research and forensics

Click here to read the entire Mission Statement

"Mike Rugg - Santa Cruz Sasquatch"

Seriously Seeking Sponsors

The Bigfoot Discovery Project is seeking help from a person or persons of means. We need additional funding to keep the Discovery Project operating at full speed.

Click here if interested but you need more convincing.

For more details...
call Michael Rugg at 831-335-4478
or email»

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Saturday October 16, 2020
11am-4pm BBQ and fellowship at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum
5497 Highway 9, Felton, CA 95018
6pm-9pm Presentations at Louden Nelson Community Center
301 Center St., Santa Cruz CA 95060

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is hosting the fourth annual Bigfoot Discovery Day on Saturday, October 16, 2010. Museum curator Michael Rugg will present his findings and detail accounts from more than six years of local bigfoot research. A variety of circumstantial evidence has been obtained in the Santa Cruz Mountains including unknown sound recordings, a large, unidentified tooth and a short video clip of a bipedal subject taken near the Forest of Nisene Marks. Local eyewitnesses will give testimonials about their encounters for the first time in a public forum.

The other presentations will explain and demonstrate bigfoot research methodologies:

Bart Cutino will detail field research using the latest thermal imaging devices and recount an extended sighting he had near Mt. Rainier, Washington in August 2008. He will also dispel some of the common misconceptions about bigfoot biology.

Robert Leiterman, a California State Park Ranger at the Humboldt Redwoods, has been conducting a remote camera survey for the past two years. His presentation will explain the latest game-camera technology utilized in bigfoot research.

LAST MINUTE CHANGE--Due to unforseen circumstances, James Bobo Fay will NOT be able to make it to our event tomorrow. Filling in will be
Scott McClean, fellow sasquatch researcher and author of BIG NEWS PRINTS. He will give a presentation on historical wildman references that have been brought to light via his newspaper archive research.

Ticket prices:
At the Museum--
Museum is free admission, BBQ lunch is $5-6
At the Evening Presentations--
Genr'l Admission Adult $10.00
Museum members, seniors, students $8.00
Children under 12 are free
Special reserved seating (1st 3 rows) add $10

Payment can be made by check payable to "CapriTaurus" and mailed to:
Bigfoot Discovery Museum
P.O. Box 153
Felton, CA 95018
Paypal is an option as well, payable to add an extra $2.00 to cover the fee

The museum will be open both Friday and Saturday evening to serve as hosts for out of town guests and we'll share information on the most likely haunts of the local bigfoot at this time of year. (We'll point you in the best direction for a possible bigfoot event, should you desire some nocturnal outings while in our neck of the woods) Local recommendations for nearby accommodations include Fern River Cabins, Santa Cruz Redwoods Campground and Cotillion Gardens (all walking distance from the museum). The best place to stay for a bigfoot event would be the remote campsites in Nisene Marks Park, where you might easily hear the cries from the "Olive Springs Howler."(25 minute drive and 6 mile hike uphill... remember to bring your own water)

If you have any questions call 831-335-4478


2nd annual, "A Day of Music and Art to Benefit the Bigfoot Discovery Museum!"

Kepi Ghoulie and his friends were here again playing music during the day at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum on August 28th, 2010, and later that night at
The Crepe Place.

Check out this video from last year's event!

Links to pictures and stories from Bigfoot Discovery Day III

Believe It Tour

Bigfoot Songs Blog

Bigfoot Discovery Day III Poster




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Vol 3 No 11 March 2008 Cal Bigfoot Exhibit (728kb .pdf)

Vol 3 No 12 April 2008 Bigfoot Resort (464kb .pdf )


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