Hoaxers Hall of Infamy:

Will the real Bigfoot please stand up?

There's now a whole bunch of different people who supposedly made and/or wore the "suit" in the Patterson/Gimlin film. As we have already stated, we're very convinced the P/G film shows a real flesh and blood animal, ergo there is no "suit" other than that of the birthday variety.

Nonetheless, various people have claimed knowledge of how the film was faked. Well, people sometimes confess to murders they did not commit as well.

A few reasons why some folks do this sort of thing:

  1. As a practical joke or prank.
  2. They have Munchausen Syndrome (telling wild stories to get attention.)
  3. Desire to make $$ or fame.

Here are telltale diagrams for analyzing a bigfoot film for authenticity, based on various films we have studied.