Progress on the Premises

We're located in the San Lorenzo Valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California at 5497 Highway 9 in Felton.

The main entrance to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park can be seen looking north out our front window. We opened the doors to the public on the fourth of July, 2004 but we had our Grand Opening in June, 2006 due a delay in getting approval from the Planning Department.

That's all by us now, and everything is up and running. Our collection includes exhibits of local history, tied in with local bigfoot sightings, Popular Culture as it relates to the public view of bigfoot, and actual evidence in the form of plaster foot and hand prints along with detailed exhibit on the Patterson-Gimlin Film. There are exhibits inside the main building as well as in the rear, a nocturnal diorama featuring bigfoot and an audio-video outside "cafe" area where you can see bigfoot documentaries of your choosing.

Summer Hours: Weds - Mon 11-6 (closed Tuesday) until Aug 15

Autumn Hours: Weds - Fri 1-6; Sat-Sun 11-6 (closed Mon and Tues) until Dec 31