Mike is back

Hey everybody… its me , Mike, AND I GOT A NEW COMPUTER THANKS TO A BENEFACTOR AND FRIEND OF THE MUSEUM. Now I have to bone-up on Windows (I’ve always been a Mac user)and I’m now able to see a bunch of stuff my outdated browser was missing. I’m going to be more active online in the near future after a couple of years of slowdown. Also the panic about losing the museum property has been averted for at least three more years! Now all we have to do is survive the road closure. We’re still getting reports on a regular basis, and as funding allows we plan to put together a book on what we’ve learned about bigfoot over the past 10 years of operating the museum. It will include interesting anecdotes about the people in the “bigfoot community” as well as data we’ve gathered from eye to eye witness testimony of folks from all over the planet. Stay tuned